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Nikola Negorod // Live @ Erica Synths Garage

July 26, 2017
Nikola Negorod performs live using an Eurorack consisting of: Erica Synths - Fusion VCO; Black Wavetable; Black dual EG; DIY Multimode VCF; Pico: RND; EG; VCA; MIX; DRUMS x 3; Doepfer - A-110 x2; A-120; A1-38b; A-145; A-118; A-13; Music Think Modular - Chords MI CLOUDS, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Appogee Ensemble, MacBook Pro, Abletone Live/VST Lexicon reverb; Glue compressor; Akai APC Keys and Korg Micro Mix. Visual installations by Dee on LZX Industries video system.
Nikola’s captivation to music was born and raised within his family – his father was also a musician. First interest in the world of sounds appeared when the artist heard so-called “live translations” on radio channels.
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