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KODEK // Live @ Erica Synths Garage (take 3)

Dec. 21, 2017
KODEK performs live using Eurorack modular (Voices – DinSync OSC303 trough Pico VCF3, Make Noise Tellharmonic, Graphic VCO trough Bastl Cinnamon VCF; Drums - Erica Bassdrum, Erica Pico Drum x2; Sequencers - 2x Erica Pico Seq, Erica Trigger Sequencer, Black Octasource, Doepfer Precision Adder; FX – 2x Pico DSP, WMD MSCL )
KODEK is perhaps the most progressive representative of the contemporary underground music scene in Latvia. Creating sounds in atypical genres, he operates with current actualities, usually surprising bystanders with his over-modern attitude to the accepted standards.
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