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Lafidki Cambodia

Lafidki is the moniker of Saphy Vong, who has been releasing experimental electronic since 2008, was born in a refugee camp in Phanat Nikhon (Thailand) to Cambodian refugees parents.

Theses last tracks were released via Orange Milk records (Foodman, Kate NV, Ashley Paul..).He later founded Chinabot, an asian diasporic experience. LAFIDKI is a sound artist and conceptual collagist who performs around the world. His music is an confluence of ideas, synthesising multiple underrepresented histories, geographies, musical genres and cultural signifiers into compelling, colourful sonic material that packs contemporaneous dancefloor weight. Chinabot is his first album and a major step for the artist, with an emphasis on sparse arrangements of digital electronics. Following 1 year of touring Asia, LAFIDKI began to incorporate influences from the evolving beat scene in the east to his organic sounds of acoustic instrumentation to create a blend of tonal and rhythmical minimalism. Chinabot is a concept album who features guest appearances from Asia.