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Mr. Myster Riga, Latvia

Mr. Myster is the alter ego and electronic music project by Matīss Runtulis. Ever since the first self-released EP ''Enter the myth’' (2012), the artist has had deep interest in exploring phenomenons like uncounsciousness and intuition.

As source of inspiration, art forms happening in real-time, like jazz and different kinds of free improvisation, have always played an important role. Because of the successful EP ‘’Kolektiv Sub-konchez’’ released on Dirty Deal Audio. Mr. Myster had the chance to open the show of Mount Kimbie which also happen to be one of his early influences as well as the sound of underground scene in London. When speaking of his live performances Mr. Myster accents the significance of the specific time and space, futhermore the interaction between himself and the audience. His sound is said to be a series of self-portraits & intimate rituals, created for sharing with those being present.

Mr. Myster