All Flesh is Grass

‘All Flesh is Grass’ is a collaborative project by: Una Hamilton Helle, Eltons Kūns, Uma Breakdown, and curator Erik Martinson. Sound of the project is created by Erica Synths

Erica Synths created a custom modular system that generates sounds in the frequency of 200 - 300 hertz which according to pseudo-scientific findings are the sounds that plants interpret as those of flowing water. The system consists of two independent sound generators which are controlled by a random algorithm that allows the frequency, timbre and volume of the sound to be unique at all times.

Ansis Starks

The exhibition ‘All Flesh is Grass’ at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, will be structured around questions of plant consciousness/agency and interspecies communication/empathy. Engaging with these concepts as ‘mysteries’ the project will utilize play as a form of enquiry. ‘The Kirlian Witness’ and its context of 1970s (pseudo) science will be the departure point, paired with measured critique and expanded questioning. The method is a collaboratively developed immersive game that envisions the space at Kim? as a set, and a site for experimentation. Reference points include techniques/approaches from: LARP (Live Action Role Playing), LAOG (Live Action Online Games), TTRPG’s (Table Top Role Playing Games), MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), and TV adventure games. The exhibition features: a public research lab with scrolls containing data pertinent to the development of the project; sound from a modular synthesizer; a self directed guided meditation; a soil tray; and a potted Ficus lyrata in front of a green screen. Additional ‘prop’ elements will enter the space over the course of the exhibition as the project and game design evolves. The resulting game(s) will consider both physical and online play scenarios, and will be publicly play tested by the conclusion of the exhibition. Perceived limitations of interspecies communication will be seen as grounds for speculative potential, and all engagement with living entities, fictional or otherwise, will be approached with respect.

Ansis Starks

Ansis Starks

Exhibition All Flesh is Grass is on display at KIM? in Riga, Latvia from 4.6.2020 until 23.8.2020.

More information and exhibition opening times can be found at KIM?

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