Future Follows Us was premiered in the concert hall Hanzas Perons on fourth of February 2020. Commissioned by Artes Liberales, composed by Platon Buravicky it was performed by Pedro Eustache, Sinfonietta Riga & Normunds Šnē. The project was initiated and produced by Erica Synths.

Pedro Eustache

In his artistic and professional path of more than 40 years, Pedro Eustache has developed a highly eclectic, richly unique yet personal voice of artistic expression both as a woodwinds player, composer and researcher.

Eustache has contributed as the lead woodwinds player for the original scores of movies like The Passion of the Christ, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones 4, Munich, The Lion King 2, to name a few, as well as recorded, toured and performed with artists like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Paul McCartney, Gustavo Dudamel and Yanni, among others. Eustache’s work goes from East to West, from ancient to modern and has brought him several prestige awards and global exposure as a unique multidirectional woodwinds soloist.


Platon Buravicky is a classical composer, pianist and improviser who can be considered one of the most notable currently active contemporary composers in Latvia.

His creative work is dedicated not only to symphonic and chamber music but also extends to electroacoustic music often using sound synthesis as the central tool of composing. His piece ‘’Future Follows Us’’ is newly commissioned and created specifically for Sinfonietta Riga and Pedro Eustache as a solo player. In this work Buravicky’s intention is to create a vision of utopian future where borders between countries do not exist and every member of society is free from prejudice against one another.


Sinfonietta Rīga is a chamber orchestra led by conductor Normunds Šnē, active since 2006

Sinfonietta Rīga has collaborated with musicians and composers from across the globe, performing both the classics as well as newly commissioned pieces. In 2014 the orchestra received a Grammy award for Arvo Pärt’s piece Adam’s Lament.


Multilux is the live electronic music output of Emīls Dreiblats.

Sound-wise his solo project covers genres from dark ambient to at times dark & industrial, at times playful techno the fundamentals being flowing between different perceptions. In his live performances Multilux embraces darker shades of dance music and creates the sonic environment using analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Special thanks to Kaspars Kaplis & Skatuves Tehnika, Deniss Pashkevich & Riga Room, Hanzas Perons, Latvijas Koncerti

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