Erica Synths Studio

Erica Synths launches a residency studio at the headquarters in Riga, Latvia.

In the summer of 2023 Erica Synths finished the construction of and moved into the new headquarters located in Riga, Latvia. Along with the office space, the building doubles as a creative hub for all things electronic music and synthesizers, featuring a residency studio and performance hall. The residency studio has now become the home for a vast array of music instruments built and collected over the decade, since the start of Erica Synths operation.

To apply for future residencies, please contact us with a short motivation letter, a portfolio of past work, and a proposal for the project or idea you wish to execute during the residency. Applications can be sent via Erica Synths Support page, marking the ticket with Other Subjects. Please note that our residency program is currently not funded, and neither travel costs, hospitality, nor stay in Riga can be covered by Erica Synths. We are, however, open to providing an official invitation letter and supporting documents for suitable applicants if you wish to apply for residency funding elsewhere. Residency programs usually last a week, without access to the space on weekends. We can provide a space for a private performance and its documentation to showcase the work created during the residency.

Below you will find the list of all the instruments available as well as a peek into the studio.


All photos by Linda Dambeniece-Migliniece.

Modular Systems:

Erica Synths Megasystem

Erica synths Fusion System

Erica Synths DIY EDU System

Buchla 100 series

Buchla 200 series

MOTM system

MU system

Wiard modular

Serge Modular

Bastl Rumburack

Pharmasonic modular system (a eurorack adaptation of Roland 100 series)


Erica Synths SYNTRX

Erica Synths SYNTRX II

Erica Synths Bullfrog

Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

Erica Synths Steampipe

The Cloney Project The SYNTHEY

Two Thousand Six Hunderd Mini Meanie (ARP2600)

Motas Electronics MOTAS-6

Twisted Electrons Blast Beats

Moog Sunharmonicon

Twisted Electrons Mega FM


Malekko Heavy Industries MANTHER

Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth

Tasty Chhips Electronics ST4

InfraDeep Electronics PVX-800

Eternal Engine Apparatus


Bastl Soft POP II

Norand Mono

TubeOhm Instruments Jeannie


Bastl Microgranny

Elta Music Solar 50

Dreadbox Murmux Adept


Roland Juno-106

Yamaha DX7

Korg PolySix

Roland SH-101

Novation Ultranova

Novation Summit

Moog Matriarch

Weston PRO2021


Moog Little Phatty

Steiner-Connolly Synthacon

Studiologic SL73 Studio

Studiologic MP 113


OXI Instruments OXI ONE

ARP Sequencer

Klee Sequencer

Drum machines:

Erica Synths Perkons HD-01

Erica Synths Bass Drum Pro

Erica Synths x Sonic Potions LXR-02

Sonic Potions LXR-01

Dinsynch RE-808

NAVA Rhythm Composer

YOCTO Rhythm Composer

TR-505 Rhythm Composer

Sequential Circuits Drumtracks

MFB Tanzbar 2

Syncussion SY-1


Soma Pulsar

Grooveboxes and samplers:

E-MU SP-1200 reissue

Roland MC-808

Elektron Digitakt

Elektron Digitone

Korg Electribe R MKII

ISLA Instruments S2400


AKAI Remix 16

Critter & Guitari Organelle

Roland JS-30

Korg Volca Sample

1010 Music BlackBox

Circuit bent Commodore 64

FX units:

Erica Synths ZEN Delay

Erica Synths Acidbox

Erica Synths Fusion Box

Erica Synths Nightverb

Erica Synths Plate Reverb

Korg Kaoscillator PRO

Snazzy FX Wow and Flutter

Snazzy FX Tracer City

Van Daal Electronics Compact Phasing X

Strymon Big Sky

TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu

Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal

Gamechanger Audio Bigsby

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal

Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine

Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run

Earthquaker Devices Westwood

Earthquaker Devices Aftermath

Meris Polymoon

Moog MF Delay

Moog MF Flange

Boss Loop Station

Boss Noise Suppressor

Alpesmachines Stereo One-O-Six Chorus

Audiothingies Doctor-A

Elta Music Polivoks PF-3

Universal Audio DEL/Verb

Universal Audio LION

Universal Audio Galaxy

Rack units:

Novation Supernova

Black Corporation KIJIMI

Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream

EMU 4XT Ultra


Lexicon MX200

MFOS Vocoder

T.C Electronic Finalizer

Tegel Audiomanufaktur Vati Tube Compressor

ZENNBIRD Mastering Limiter


TASCAM Model 24

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