With holidays around the corner, get inspired with Erica Synths Gift Guide. 8 ideas for perfect holiday gifts from the Erica Synths crew!


Braided Eurorack Patch Cables

When you don’t know what to give, go with socks – everyone wears socks and since they need to be changed often (or they get lost one by one after every wash) then a spare pair is always welcomed.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell socks. However, the equivalent to socks in the modular world would be patch cables - they come in different sizes and colors and one could never have too many! In our web shop, you will find the finest selection of high-quality, braided patch cables that are flexible and soft to the touch. Stay warm and have fun patching!


Tuna the Cat Microfiber Towel:

As an assistant of our most important and hard working employee Tuna, I held a serious meeting with him and we unitedly picked out the coolest item from our merchandise section - Tuna the Cat Microfiber Towel, it's like a portable poster of your favorite celebrity, except your wife won't be mad about you interfering with her interior plans. It's very compact considering its dimensions, so you can easily hide the purchase from someone (the wife). Most importantly, getting this gift, you will also be the one giving a gift - 3 EUR from every purchase of this item will be donated to our local animal shelter Ķepu Ķepā!


Erica Synths Hoodie

Though it goes against the company guidelines, instead of riding a bike my hobby is dancing ballet. Living in the northern hemisphere, keeping yourself warm at this time of the year can be rather challenging and nothing is worse than allowing my instrument to be cold… Erica Synths hoodie has become the weapon of choice to not only fight the below-zero temperatures, but to also be the uniform that continues reminding the belonging to the community of the blackest-ever-black synthesizer company out there. As someone who wears a size S, I opt for XL to make sure no nordic breeze gets through.


Snazzy FX Wow & Flutter

I high-ly recommend all the Snazzy FX pedals and especially the Wow&Flutter. It's the most effects and fun for the least $$$!


Black Output

Black Output was the first module designed by me when I started PCB design collaboration with Erica Synths in 2015. But till today it has stood the test of time and will allow to mix and pan your creative patches and give them the volume they deserve. If you or your friend are looking for a module that will allow to bring patches to the next volume, then Black Output will be the best gift.


Black Spring Reverb

One of my favourite Erica Synths modules is the Black Spring Reverb. As someone with a background as a guitar player, I find that the Black Spring Reverb is a sort of a link between electronic and acoustic music. Not only can it produce nice reverb effects - it can also be used as a sound source for all kinds of experimental noises. What I like doing most though is manually playing with the springs of the external spring tank, making my modular rack sound like an orchestra of acoustic and electronic instruments or if I really punch it - even a thunderstorm.


Bassline DB-01

As an engineer at Erica Synths, for me one of the most interesting products to develop was Desktop Bassline DB-01. While testing the functionality of the sequencer and user interface, I oftentimes got into a groove and what should have been a few second test, turned out to a several minute performance. It is so easy to work with! Just a few button presses can make a really good sounding sequence, and turning up the Detune and Sub Level knobs makes the sound really thick and rich.


mki x es.EDU DIY series

When considering Christmas gifts, I think of a future perspective - I try to find gifts that are both sentimentally appealing and in some way encouraging. The latest analytics indicate that during 2020 - 2030 the European Union alone will need 3,46 million Science and engineering technicians. Our mki x es.EDU DIY kits were designed to promote interest in electronic engineering for people of all ages and who knows, maybe some of them will take it seriously and discover a new passion for electronics. This is why I think the mki x es.EDU DIY kits are perfect Christmas gifts for the people you really love.


Pico System II

If I had to pick a synth for jamming out in the wild that would fit in the saddle bag of my motorcycle, I would definitely go with the Pico System II. We dubbed it the world's smallest eurorack system, but don't let the diminutive title overshadow its big character - from tribal pulsations all the way to astral ambiences, this system lets you tread many different experimental sonic planes. As you fly day after day on the backs of the great asphalt serpents and settle down in between while the stars wheel overhead, the Pico System II lets you sketch out your ideas as you retire to your tent and dreams.

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