ESG in the club

Erica Synths Garage returns in the club for a two day get-together to showcase diverse live electronic music

4th & 5th of September 7PM - 12 AM

club Serviss, Tallinas ielas kvartāls


The event is supported by Burn Energy Drink

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Working at the legendary SchneidersLaden synthesizer store in Berlin has immersed JakoJako in the world of modular synthesizers, which is clearly born out in the juicy sound she coaxes out of her machines, spanning all the way from the experimental and esoteric, right through to the highly melodic. This unique tonal quality gained the attention of Leisure System, who released her debut single last year, and more recently Bpitch Control, making her very much an essential producer to check out.




Behind the pseudonym Peachlyfe is Petra Skibsted who, in 2020, debuts with the multi-media piece All Tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan. It consists of a four-track LP and an eight-page zine. The music is fast-paced and whimsical dance music with influence from hard trance and techno. Peachlyfe captures the political potential in alternative understandings of reality and accelerates a collective healing process. They reflect on how humans can be a part of communities without being disciplined by norms and unrealistic expectations. Peachlyfe depicts the queer reality they live in and for once puts the heterosexual reality, which permeates Western society, secondly.

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Darkside @ ESG


Darkside is the live techno output of the blind martian synthesist from Estonia.

''I’m 30 years old and I’m completely blind. I don’t even have the simplest light perception—I’m in complete darkness. Not darkness, actually; I don’t know what darkness is, because I don’t know what light is. I like to joke that I was born this way because I wanted to be able to listen to music without any other distractions. Unfortunately, not only did my eyesight not develop, but I also have some Asperger’s-like tendencies, a developmental difference that puts me somewhat on the Autistic scale. But this actually helps me to learn synthesizers—especially as a blind person.''




Motobor is the heavily acid induced techno output of Toomas Savi from Tallinn, Estonia. Present within the Baltic electronic music scene since 2014 he presents fully modular live sets.




Deividas Jaroška is on the rise of presenting genuinely exciting electronic music under different monikers like Jaroška, Blackwing, CARUS (together with Simonas Letukas), Karkasas & Papa JJ to name a few. In 2018 Jaroška had a breakthrough within the Lithuanian underground, following performances in Beijing, Riga, Kiev and Berlin. Karkasas can be considered Jaroška's musical output that operates within industrial and experimental side of electronica.


SKD by Peteris Viksna @ Kontaktor 2019


Producer, DJ and promoter, operating mainly in areas of post-industrial, techno and experimental electronic music. Released by metaphysik & SLAVE records, affiliated with the notorious STURM - SKD is one of the currently most active members of Latvian electronic music scene.


KODEK @ iNovuss


KODEK is perhaps the most progressive representative of the contemporary underground music scene in Latvia. Creating sounds in atypical genres, he operates with current actualities, usually surprising bystanders with his over­modern attitude to the accepted standards. With his shows, he usually challenges listeners to think outside what is seen as ‘normal’ by the conservative sweep of culture. He goes far beyond the conventional esthetic.


Multilux by Peteris Viksna @ Kontaktor 2019


Multilux is the live electronic music output of Emīls Dreiblats who’s known as one third from the notorious underground boy band Origo Boys. Sound-wise his solo project covers genres from dark ambient to at times dark & industrial, at times playful techno the fundamentals being flowing between different perceptions. In his live performances Multilux embraces darker shades of dance music and creates the sonic environment using analogue synthesizers and drum machines, sometimes complementing the raw sound with field recordings from the urban episodes.


Nikola Negorod

Nikola Negorod

Nikola Negorod uses analog, modular and VST synthesizers, as well as different musical instruments combined with digital technologies. His inspiration comes from classical musicians and rare tracks found in his vinyl collection and his live sets are always captivating.




Smiltis is the live electronic music output of Eliass Zandmanis. His debut at Erica Synths Garage in the end of 2019 made sure Smiltis is one of the most promising new live acts on the Latvian electronic music stage.

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